How to Care for Anthuriums at Home

Anthurium plant native to tropical areas of America, anthurium is widely used for interior decoration because it has intense green leaves and a reddish spathe, which most people think is a flower. However, this shiny structure serves to protect the plant’s flowers. Did you know?

Popularly known as Flor de Jorge Tadeu, due to its prominence in the soap opera Pedra sobre Pedra, aired in 1992, anthurium reacts well to humidity and can be cultivated throughout Brazil. “However, it should not receive sunlight on its leaves or be exposed to very strong wind currents, which result in burns”, explains gardening consultant Adriana Meira.

Does Anthurium like the sun?

According to the specialist, those who want to have the plant at home should place it near a window that receives natural light, but where the sun does not reach the plant directly. “In the case of the red anthurium, which is the most common, it is necessary that the plant receives fresh air, which is essential for flowering”, she says.

How to Care for Anthuriums at Home

Regarding planting in pots, the consultant says that keeping the anthurium in a container makes it easier to care for the plant, in addition to being a practical option for those who live in apartments or houses that do not have a backyard. It is also a more practical way of transporting the plant when you need to change its environment.

How to care Anthurium

As we already talked about here, fertilization is essential for any plant to develop well. The tip for your anthurium to stay healthy is to bet on natural fertilization, which can be carried out monthly. We even told you how to make a banana peel fertilizer!

As for watering, there is no rule to determine the frequency. According to Adriana Meira, this issue will vary from region to region and depending on the planting conditions “In some places, you need to water twice a week and, in others, three times or more. So always keep in mind that anthurium likes slightly damp soil.” When the soil is waterlogged, the plant has yellow leaves, which indicates that watering should be reduced.

Regarding pests, the ones that appear most frequently on anthurium are mealybugs and aphids. To combat them, the specialist recommends that you pay attention to maintenance and fertilization. “If pests still appear, do a manual cleaning with a wet cloth or use specific insecticide for pests on plants.”