Terms and Conditions of use

These general terms and conditions of use apply to the services provided by the tinytipshome website (https://tinytipshome.com/), e-mail: [email protected], hereinafter demonized by SITE EDITOR.

1. Purpose

The tinytipshome website is characterized by the provision of the following services:

  1. Editorial articles, communications, sending instant messages and e-mails about the services provided.

2. Acceptance of terms of use and general conditions

All those who wish to have access to the services offered through the tinytipshome website must first inform themselves about the rules that make up this instrument, which will be available for prompt and wide consultation, through a direct link on the website itself: 

When using the tinytipshome website, the user fully accepts these rules and undertakes to observe them, under the risk of applying the applicable penalties. Before starting any navigation on the website, the user must be aware of any changes or updates that have occurred in these terms of use.

The user must consult by e-mail or directly on the website about any changes in these rules.

If you do not agree with any of the rules described here, the user must immediately refrain from using the service. If it is of interest to you, you can also contact customer service to submit any reservations.

3. Navigation

The editor of the tinytipshome website undertakes to use the appropriate technical solutions at his disposal to guarantee access to uninterrupted service (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week). However, it may, at any time, disable, interrupt, suspend or limit access to the website, its features, and pages to make modifications, content updates, or any other action necessary to keep the services running smoothly.

These general terms and conditions of use apply to all extensions of the tinytipshome website on social networks or in communities, both existing ones and those yet to be implemented.

4. Website management

At any time, the editor of the website tinytipshome, may, as good management of the website:

  • Interrupt, suspend and limit access to a particular category, session, part of the website or the website as a whole, of internet users and users;
  • Remove any and all information that may disturb international standards or the website’s own functioning;
  • Suspend the site, to carry out modifications and updates.

5. Responsibilities

The website editor will not be responsible for defects or addictions found by the tinytipshome website. Technical or operational defects originating in the user’s own system will not be the responsibility of the publisher.

Any information included by users, such as comments, image insertions, and social profiles, will be their own responsibility.

The user is also responsible for:

  • Correct use of services and the website, valuing respect, cordiality, and good coexistence in relationships;
  • For compliance with the rules contained in this instrument, as well as the rules of international law.

The publisher will not be responsible for:

  • Due to the inherent characteristics of the internet, mainly those related to the origin of the information circulating on the network, as well as its reliability;
  • For the contents and illegal activities practiced through its website.

6. Copyright

The tinytipshome website, as well as the texts, graphics, logos, design, and other applications that compose it, are the property of the publisher and are protected by international legislation in relation to intellectual property.

Any reproduction, adaptation, or partial or total exploitation of the contents, brands, and services offered by the website, without prior, express, and written authorization, by any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited, and the applicable civil and criminal measures may be used.

The mere access does not generate for the user any intellectual property rights related to the elements of the website.

It is forbidden for the user to include data on the website that may modify its content or appearance.

7. External links and references

The tinytipshome website may contain references and external links that redirect the user to other internet pages, which the editor has no control over. The publisher disclaims any responsibility for the content found on these sites and external services.

8. Privacy policy

By using the website and agreeing to this instrument, the user also accepts the privacy policy terms that are available on this page.

9. Customer service

In case of suggestions, doubts, reservations, and technical problems regarding the use of the tinytipshome website, the user may contact the customer service directly, by e-mail:

[email protected]

10. Sanctions

The editor of the tinytipshome website, without prejudice to other applicable legal measures, may, at any time, suspend or prevent access by users who:

  • Practicing fraudulent or intentional acts;
  • Provide any incorrect information;
  • Whose behavior may imply offense, damage to a third party or to the website editor;
  • Failure to comply with the user’s duties;
  • Failure to comply with any devices present on this instrument.

11. Changes

The current version of these general terms and conditions was last made on: 07/05/2021. The latest revision of the privacy policy should be consulted on its specific page.

The website editor reserves the right to change, without prior notice and at any time, the website, its services, as well as this instrument and any other instruments present on the website. The user must periodically consult these terms. After any modification, the user who uses the service agrees with the new rules, otherwise, he must immediately abstain from using the application, services, and use of the website, as well as its update services and messages.