How to Clean Bathroom: Homemade Recipes to Clean Each Item

Although the bathroom is not usually a large room in the house, it is a constant source of doubts when cleaning. To ensure the complete and correct hygiene of the space, we talked to subject matter experts. Check it out below and let the atmosphere tingle!

How to Clean Bathroom: Homemade Recipes to Clean Each Item

How to clean shower

To clean the shower, the trick is to wrap it in a plastic bag with vinegar. “The tip helps to avoid clogging the item”, explains biomedical Roberto Figueiredo, known as Dr. Bacterium.

How to clean a mirror

“The first recommendation to clean the mirror is to remove the dust that accumulates on the surface with a soft, dry cloth or feather duster”, says Ronaldo Santos, owner of Glasserie Glass. The measure is a way to prevent the glass from being scratched. Also, if the mirror is very greasy, you can use a paper towel to remove the excess grease.

To remove stains from the mirror, an alternative is to dilute a few drops of neutral detergent in warm water and gently rub the surface with a soft sponge. Then use the cloth with only water to remove excess detergent. It is important to choose a lint-free cloth, such as microfiber, for example.

If the mirror is not very dirty, just a cloth dampened with alcohol is enough. It is important not to use products with a composition below 30% water, as they are highly flammable and can cause accidents.

After cleaning, it is essential to dry the mirror quickly with a paper towel. That way, you avoid stains.

How to clean glass

“Before cleaning the glass, it is necessary to clean the windows and openings”, explains the owner of Glasserie Glass. The tip is to pass a brush with wide bristles between the cracks of the window to eliminate the dust. Then clean the glass with a solution of one liter of water to 10 drops of neutral detergent. Apply this solution with the soft side of the sponge, rinse and dry quickly, just like cleaning mirrors.

How to clean grout

Baking soda can help with this mission. For this, combine a liter of water, 10 drops of detergent, and a tablespoon of bicarbonate. Apply the solution to the grout, leave it on for five minutes, then scrub with a brush to remove the dirt.

How to clean a bathroom drain

One option is to clean the drain with baking soda. “Combine two tablespoons of baking soda and one cup of vinegar every fifteen,” says Dr. Bacterium. If you notice the constant presence of bathroom flies, you will need to remove the plug from the drain. “Pass a brush with bicarbonate and, finally, pour a solution of half a glass of water with half as of bleach”, explains the professional.

How to Clean a Bathroom Shower

Over time, it is common for the bathroom shower to accumulate residue and show unwanted stains that are difficult to remove. Exposed to fats, body cells, and remnants of hygiene products, the piece needs periodic cleaning. But it is necessary to follow the complete step by step to avoid damage to the part.