Privacy Policy

Information collected

Types of data collected

The data collected by this website are those necessary for the identification of the user. This site does not collect sensitive data, as defined in the 9th and 10th of the General European Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR).

Occasionally, other categories of data may be collected, with legitimate interest or with the user’s consent, and also, due to other reasons permitted by law.

The user also undertakes to provide only his personal data and not those of third parties.

Security of data processing

The website editor undertakes to use the appropriate and appropriate technical measures to ensure a level of security compatible with the risk, taking into account the costs of the application, the purpose of processing the data, using the most advanced techniques to guarantee the rights and user freedoms.

However, the site disclaims any liability for third party fault, such as in the event of attacks or the fault of the user, who, for example, transfers his data to third parties.

The website undertakes to treat users’ personal data with confidentiality, within the legal limits.

Cookies and browsing data

The website may, occasionally, use the technique of cookies that allow the analysis of navigation, navigation history within the website itself, and other small information. For example, data such as location, a device used by the user, access time, among others, can be provided to the server.

These data may also be shared with partners of the site, in order to improve the services provided.

The user will be able to change this setting, opposing cookies, within his own browser. Some features, however, will be limited if this option is enabled.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are those used and administered by other sites and applications that provide the site with improvements in content and user experience. The main objectives of third-party cookies are: a collection of statistical access data, analysis of user information, advertising services, personalization of advertisements, banners, offers, registration forms, and windows.

We use third-party advertising companies that use user data to display ads, possibly based on interests, location, browsing history, including data detected outside this site. For information purposes only, the link to some of these companies and their privacy policies are shown below:

The user will be able to obtain more information by consulting the aforementioned pages, regarding cookies and data stored by these companies. Entities may also, at their sole discretion, assign this information to third parties.