4 Tips for Checking into an Apartment

Entering the first apartment is a great achievement for anyone. But the cases of a person buying a property in cash are still rare.

4 Tips for Checking into an Apartment

Entering a property requires financial organization and family planning. But all this effort in the end, it’s worth it, after all, repaying a part of a property, means fewer installments and interest. We have separated some tips to help you enter your property.

What is the cost of admission to an apartment?

Generally, the required entry varies according to family income. The average is 20% of the property’s value, the rest can be financed.

So, if the property costs R$500,000, it’s common to charge R$150,000 upfront. In addition, the financed portion can be divided into installments that do not exceed 30% of the monthly family income.

In the case of financing, carried out by Caixa Econômica Federal, the minimum down payment for the purchase of a property is 10%.

Remember: the larger the down payment, the better the conditions for paying the rest in installments.

Buy an apartment without entrance, is it possible?

Yes, but only for beneficiaries in Track 1 and 1.5 of the Minha Casa Minha Vida program. It is a very quick way to start acquiring the property, considering that the entire value of the property would be paid in installments.

It is important to remember that, once the financing is made with the total value of the property, the installments can end up becoming more expensive and compromising the family income.

How to get the entry fee?

1. Look for ways to save

To be able to conquer your apartment, you have to make some sacrifices. One of the ways to achieve this is by saving. Assess your monthly household income to keep track of all your expenses. Start by cutting out all superfluous expenses, this way you’ll be able to retain some of your money.

2. Make a financial plan

When it comes to such a high investment, it is always recommended to carry out financial planning, organize yourself and in the end achieve the objective.

3. Short term investments

Short-term investments are a great option for those looking for a good financial return. An interesting option is the use of consortia, as they allow you to make a monthly payment, knowing the term.

4. Sale of other goods

To get extra money for the down payment, a good option is the sale of other goods, such as, for example, the sale of a car or a motorcycle, as this sale ends up giving a great financial return and reduces some monthly expenses.

Now that you know everything about entering an apartment, don’t forget to research the documentation needed to make the purchase.

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