400 sq ft Studio Apartment Ideas

Let’s face it: decorating a small space can be difficult. When a young Yorker was at a loss of ideas for his first apartment, our stylist Andrew Stewart intensified for the challenge. Transformed the studio apartment into a functional and fabulous space, which is presented in House Beautiful Magazine!

Take a look at the chic makeover below that gave you the apartment, and steal your little tricks of space decorating.


Small space tip #1: Define the Entry

“In a one-room apartment, use a bold wallpaper in the input area,” says Andrew. “It will help you define it as a separate space for living and sleeping areas. It also has a WOW factor totally unexpected when you walk in. ”

400 sq ft Studio Apartment Ideas

Small space tip#2: Hang Up Style

“For any small space, a hanger can be a versatile place to hang everyday items like a bag, but also use to permanently store so coats,” explains Andrew. “I chose a modern and clean style in brass. ”


Small space tip #3: Add Statement Pieces

“Choose the parts that make a statement, even in a small space “, Animates Andrew. “The Lucite chairs were perfect here. They don’t take too much space, and you can squirrel a basket them, if you need to.


Small space tip #4: Storage and Display balancing

“A bookshelf can work in two important ways in a compact apartment: first, as a storage unit, using baskets and boxes, and secondly, as a viewing area. Keep balancing two to one storage to display, “Andrew advises.

400 sq ft Studio Apartment Ideas


Small space tip #5: Use Art to Distract

“Since the Bookshelf functions as a catchall space for storage and display, adding art and objects will make you feel like less of a closet and more as part of the living room, ” says Andrew.


Small space tip #6: Get Sneaky with Pretty Storage

“With a little space, don’t be afraid to let the storage of your room pour into your sitting area, ” Andrew says. “I’ve folded baskets at the bottom of the bookcase, so they’re out of sight. No one will ever know they have winter sweaters on them.

400 sq ft Studio Apartment Ideas


Small space tip #7: Divides Spaces with Furniture

“Use furniture, like this couch at the foot of the bed, to more clearly divide areas into small spaces, ” says Andrew. “That way, it doesn’t feel like a floating room. We immerse some texture on the couch for a richer and more complete look. ”


Small space tip #8: Releasing surfaces

“Think beyond surface space,” says Andrew about the compact life of the apartment. “Sconces can easily replace bedside lamps, as the couple did here. Things get pretty quickly ruined in a small space, to maximize the vertical areas where you can. ”

400 sq ft Studio Apartment Ideas


Small space tip #9: Maximizes Forgotten Spaces

“For a tiny room, the storage under the bed is equivalent to the additional closet space, ” Andrew says. “Use traction receptacles to store winter clothes not in use and blankets. They can stay out of sight under the bed, but they are still easy to access.

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