Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 With High Quality

Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 – Everyone wants to put great furniture in their home. Based on surveys, they sometimes spend their money out of expectations. This means that the price of furniture is out of reach to prevent those things from happening again, and we offer you this article about cheap living room sets under $500 or great cheap furniture, with high quality that will save your money. See the list below for more information.


List of cheap living rooms sets under $500 with high quality

1. Poundex f6903 sofa Bukona seat

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 0 With High Quality

This was $440.25 on Amazon’s website. With this price, you can get these durable sofas and comfortable sets for under 500. As we said before, the furniture has great quality. The sofa and the loveseat have a poly-fiber pillow that will comfort your head when you’re lying on me and the loveseat. With Wood finishing also insulating the bottom for the sofa and loveseat, this makes your living room full of fun.

Here is the specification:

  • Single sofa, one and loveseat
  • Dark blue color
  • Thick poly fiber wrapped all of the cushions and sofa or loveseat
  • Four decorative cushion cover
  • Wood finish varnish in the lower buffer of sofa and loveseat

2. Poona Seattle Microfiber Sofa and Loveseat

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 0 With High Quality

Other Bobkona back with antique style and leather-wrapped. The charisma of this living room furniture sets under $500 coming from the chocolate color. With one loveseat, one sofa, one coffee, and a cocktail table, this cheap living room sets under $500, which is a $484 cost you will decorate your living room warmly and greatly. If you want to know the specs, consider the list of specs below.

  • Wide Sofa & fit-perfectly leather-wrapped on both sofa and loveseat
  • Classic coffee table with wooden finishes
  • WoWoodsiderip in sofa and loveseat
  • Poly fiber sofa, basic material, and loveseat

3. Poundex f6904 sofa Bukona seat

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 0 With High Quality

If I recommend another sofa before this has a dark color of blue and chocolate, Poundex f6904 sofa seat Bukona has a chocolate milk color that matches the color of the inner light. This furniture cost $472.87, including decorative pillows as well. Next, we suggest you take this sofa seat for you who want to give color to your living room. Here is the sofa specification:

  • Chocolate-color milk
  • Four decorative cushion cover
  • Wood Insulation Bottom finish
  • Poly fiber cushions, sofa, and loveseat
  • Wide back of sofa and loveseat

This may be from stock, so you must move quickly to seize it. We hope this information about the cheap living room sets under $500 helps you. For another sofa sets under 500, you may go to the Amazon site to search for another cheap collection.

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