Feng Shui: 5 Tips to Make Your Home More Balanced

Do you feel that your home does not bring you the necessary harmony and balance? We present you Feng Shui and five tips to attract positive energies to the home, sweet home!

The art of Feng Shui originated in China thousands of years ago, as a spiritual discipline that aims at our balanced and harmonious relationship with spaces.

Feng Shui: 5 Tips to Make Your Home More Balanced

In Chinese, the term “Feng” means wind, while “Shui” means water. The masters who formed this current will have realized that each area would be endowed with its own vibration, with a “Chi” energy that could be influenced in a positive and negative way.

After studying this art more deeply, the Chinese masters realized that, by modifying environments and objects, they could favor positive energies, reducing negative ones. That is, that the present energy could also bring benefits to the body and mind if there were no elements that would hinder the flow of that same energy. It was at that moment that the location of furniture, houses, and objects began to take on new meanings.

For this ancient Chinese art, our home is a reflection of who we are. Therefore, some changes can have great effects on our routine and our well-being. Changing the lights, colors, patterns, materials, and textures can be the solution for a more harmonious environment.

If you want to open the doors of your home to harmony and balance, we give you five tips to get started now! However, the first step starts by tidying up the whole house. And then just follow these steps:

1. Mirror of mine, a mirror of mine …

Feng Shui believes that having mirrors at home can bring good energy, as they help to double the light and space. Ideal for the entrance hall and kitchen, but not so harmonious for the bedroom, as they are energy activators and can cause insomnia, nightmares, and discomfort.

2. A hand full of energy

Feng Shui argues that it is important to have the presence of the five elements – wood, earth, metal, fire, and water – in each room of the house, in order to feel balanced. Vases with natural flowers, wooden or cork boxes, and candles are some examples.

3. Breath in, breath out

Breathing nature. Were this not Chinese art, Feng Shui promotes nature in all rooms of the house (including the bedroom) so that there is balance. Use and abuse flowers and plants (never artificial), including in your kitchen. Why not a bed with aromatic herbs?

4. I see your true colors…

Different colors generate different sensations. Some create a sense of peace and tranquility, others give us energy and stimulate creativity. That is why it is so important to know what colors are suitable for the different rooms of our house.

For the living room and bedroom, prefer the white and earth tones (brown, beige, and green), which promote tranquility and calm, in the kitchen the warm colors that increase the appetite such as orange, red, and yellow. The bathroom is the dilemma of Feng Shui. Due to excess moisture, it can weaken energy. The ideal is to give preference to pastel colors, invest in a ventilation system, and decorate with some natural plants and candles. In this division, it is important to be simple and minimalist.

5. Details that make a difference

It is also important to take into account some details that Feng Shui advocates. One is to remove all photographs of family and friends from the room. In this division, there should only be photographs of the couple and, preferably, objects always in pairs. All electronic devices, such as televisions, mobile phones, etc. must also be removed: the room must be a rest and rest area. The bed is another key element. It should always be leaning against the wall, in order to create a feeling of security.

Another detail is the furniture or sharp objects. These must be exchanged for objects with rounded corners in order not to break the energy.

Last but not least, open the front door of your home for energy to enter. Chinese masters believe that energy can stagnate if the entrance is closed. They also support the idea that the red color attracts Chi energy. So it might be a good idea to put a red plant outside or another note. Were it not for that color, a sign of energy, fortune, and luck.

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