How to Build a Rabbit Cage

If you have rabbits at home, it will be good if you leave them loose or outdoors for a few hours a day, but essentially, you should leave them inside a cage so that they don’t run away and you can take care of them properly. Let’s see then, a guide of steps in which we explain how to build a rabbit cage easily and with several ideas that you will love.

Having a rabbit as a pet at home is not very complicated. However, it is important to take some precautions and ensure a space in which they can feel protected. In this sense, ensuring that they have their own cage will be enough to protect rabbits from domestic or other animal dangers if they are outdoors. You can find many different solutions in the market, but if you want to build your own cage, saving a little money, we offer you some practical instructions to build a rabbit cage without too much effort.


  • Thin plywood or chipboard panels
  • Nails and hammer
  • Cotton sheets to cover the interior

Steps to build a rabbit cage

How to Build a Rabbit Cage
How to Build a Rabbit Cage
  1. The first step before starting work is to establish if the cage that will house your pet will remain indoors or outdoors.
  2. If it is a cage for indoors, you will have to create a structure that can be easily transported from one place to another, while if it is for the garden, it can be fixed and larger.
  3. The same applies to the choice of materials: if the cage is installed in the home, the type of material used will not be so important; if instead, it is for the exterior, it will have to have thermal insulation.
  4. In both cases, plywood and chipboard will work well as they can resist both moisture and rain. To determine the size and thickness of materials, consult an expert at a DIY store to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  5. Before building the cage, make sure (especially if the shelter is placed outside) that the structure rises a few inches off the ground with small pedestals to insulate it from moisture.
  6. At this point, you will need to create the base of the cage by placing the first panel at the bottom (nailing it just above the pedestals).
  7. You can then continue to make a square: you will have to nail two panels sideways to create the two walls and then another panel at the back.
  8. Finally, you will nail the last wall, which must be cut to create an opening for the rabbit to pass through. At this point, it will be enough to cover the floor with cotton layers, where your pet can rest quietly (which you can also cover with some straw to prevent the rabbit from eating the sheet). Finally, don’t forget a bowl for water and one for food.

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