How to Choose Area Rugs

A living room or living room without an area rug or mat may appear to be unfinished and lacking in warmth and color, especially if it has wood floors or soft, neutral tones. The purpose of the area rug is to bring the elements of the room together and to group the seating areas smoothly.

How to Choose Area Rugs

When you go to choose an area rug for your environment, you will have to take into account some important things such as style, material, and size.

There are infinite styles and varieties of designs. In addition to personal taste, you must take into account the existing decoration and the color palette of the room.

If the decor is in bold, vibrant colors, the mat may need to be a solid color, with no drawings or designs. If instead, the general environment is pale and neutral tones, you can play more with the drawings and transform them into a focal point within the room.

If the style of your house is traditional, the Persian rugs are the most suitable. For a modern or avant-garde style, those with geometric designs such as circles, lines, etc. are very good. For casual-style settings, woven rugs, such as jute rugs, are ideal. For eclectic settings, animal print rugs are great.


Almost all living rugs are made from natural fibers. There are also synthetic fibers that include nylon, which is cheaper and easier to maintain. Wool, jute, and sisal are the materials you should choose if you are looking for ecological rugs. The choice of material will also depend on the budget and the traffic in the environment. In a living room or living room with a lot of traffic, children, and pets, a synthetic fiber mat will work much better, since they resist better not only the use but also the stains. For an adult room with little traffic, you can choose wool or silk rugs.

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