How to Clean and Unclog a Household Garbage Disposal

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal – A household garbage disposal facilitates the disposal of our organic waste, but sometimes it gets stuck. Knowing how to unclog and clean it is necessary for the crusher to be more useful to us.

Garbage disposal allows us to eliminate our organic waste by simply discarding it through the sink. Knowing what to do when it gets stuck and how to clean it are aspects that anyone who has this device should know.

How to Clean and Unclog a Household Garbage Disposal

Unclogging the garbage disposal

  • The most usual is that a large piece of waste has been stuck in the mouth of the disposer. The procedure to follow consists, first of all, of disconnecting the crusher from the electrical network to avoid possible accidents.
  • Keep in mind that you should not put your hand through the mouth of the disposer, even if it is unplugged, since it could be injured since many parts of the crushed food have that capacity, such as small splinters of bone.
  • Take a stick, for example, that of the broom or the mop, and put it down the sink drain. You will notice that something prevents you from putting it in; it is the obstacle that obstructs the garbage disposal. Push it to the inside of the shredder, with just enough force to enter, but without undue strain.
  • If you still can not remove the jam, remove the shredder’s mouth, and check it, you will see the jam in it, and you can remove it without risk of damaging the shredder. Once the jam has been removed, replace the piece in its place, being careful not to leave it too loose because if it leaves it loose, it will be dismantled when you start the disposer.


Disposal of the disposer

  • The best way to clean the garbage disposal is using a solution of caustic soda, preparing it from five liters of water and 250 grams of soda. Wear gloves, as soda is corrosive. Put the soda on the water, not the other way around. Close the outlet of the shredder and fill it with the solution, letting it work all night. Empty it the next day, and run a little water to rinse. The garbage disposal is already clean.

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