How to Decorate Old Furniture With Wallpaper

Surely in your home, you have a piece of furniture that you don’t like very much, and you are thinking of getting rid of it. To give a new life to any furniture, it can be decorated with wallpaper.

This type of decoration is one of the trends of how spectacular results can be achieved. It allows the creation of unique spaces, it is not difficult to do, and it is not as expensive as other options.

If the furniture is made of metal, we recommend doing another type of restoration more appropriate.

Sometimes, this decoration arises after having painted our house because we will see the decorative elements with other eyes.

How to Decorate Old Furniture With Wallpaper
How to Decorate Old Furniture With Wallpaper

Wallpaper decoration, a new life for furniture

Decorating with wallpaper has a large number of advantages, among which are:

  • The wallpaper is easy to apply, and it will not take much work to get the result to our liking. If the process is done correctly, it will look very professional, as if we had taken it out of the store. To do this, we must consider the furniture material and the type of wallpaper we have.
  • We will find a wide variety of different proposals on this kind of paper. Colors, combinations, designs, and even textures, everything depends on the paper chosen.
  • With the wallpaper, we can correctly cover some imperfections that the furniture may have. In this way, rallies blow, loss of color, etc., will be completely concealed.

Prepare the project

It is convenient to carry out the project you organize yourself well, not leave the job halfway or unfinished.

The color and patterns that we are going to use should be considered. To choose the color pattern, we must consider the combination with the rest of the furniture and different decorative elements of the room, and the colors of the walls.

If aspects like these are not taken into account, the project can be a disaster. You can create decorative chaos that will not look good in the environment. If it is done in a small piece of furniture, the failure could be tolerable but not too large in furniture.

We will also have to consider if the furniture is going to go to a small room.

Sanding of the furniture

As with the walls to paint it, you have to prepare the wood furniture. Therefore, the first thing we should do is sand the entire surface perfectly.

You have to take the furniture to a wide space. We will place plastic on the floor, an open cardboard box, or a good number of newspaper papers. In this way, the remains of wood will be collected, and we will not dirty our work area.

If you have a sander, the work will be much easier, although it is also recommended to buy sandpaper for the spaces that the sander does not reach. When everything is sanded, we will clean the furniture from dust.

Apply the adhesive to the surface of the furniture

When the furniture is ready, we can start with the adhesive paste. You can buy a special roller for such paste.

You must measure the required dimensions and then apply the adhesive to the wallpaper. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Papercutting and application

The measurements must be exact, so the measurement process must be exact, and thus we will have significant savings by not wasting paper.

We must align the paper with the surface when we place it. We will use a roller to smooth paper in the direction towards the outside to eliminate air bubbles. When finishing touches are applied with the roller, the edges and corners must be taken care of. The objective is to make the wallpaper adhere completely to the area where the glued paper is applied.

How to wallpaper glass surfaces?

If it is desired to work on glass surfaces, the adhesive cannot be used. In this case, the wallpaper is fixed with double-sided adhesive tape. The process is not difficult, but you have to have patience and good motivation, and a good pulse to get good results.

The first thing to do is place the double-sided tape and gradually create a firm base. When the wallpaper is placed, you have to go step by step. We must go from bottom to top and from right to left to avoid bubbles and folds.

Once we have covered all the glass surfaces of the furniture we want to decorate, the next step comes. We can use a high gloss varnish and apply it with a large brush to cover the maximum possible surface. It is important to keep in mind that varnish must be purchased at a craft store; it must be specific. Another idea is to use paint on certain parts of the furniture to get a different finish.

If this kind of adhesive is not found, transparent self-adhesive cellophane paper can be used. It must have the same dimensions as the wallpaper, and you have to have a perfect pulse to apply it. In addition, any bubble should be avoided at all costs. If they appear, they can be punctured with a needle and smooth.

In this way, you will have decorated your house again, making it the home you want.

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