How to Get Cigarette Smell out of House

It is common for anyone who does not smoke to bother with the smell of cigarette smoke in the room. What is unusual, though, is a smoker also does not like this type of smell. This is Ju Sampaio, university professor of publicity and creator of the blog Home Management. Despite smoking, she uses some effective recipes from her grandmother and found out how to get cigarette smoke from inside the house.

How to Get Cigarette Smell out of House

How to Get Cigarette Smell out of House

The raw material for most of your recipes is a straightforward item to find is vinegar. The blogger explains that the cigarette smell comes out immediately, but ventilation is essential in this process. The smell of the vinegar also disappears after the materials that receive the solution dry up. Here are some practical tips:

Fabrics and clothing

Put a glass of apple or white vinegar in the last rinse of the washing machine, and the smell will come out of the clothes. The ratio is from an American cup to a washing machine from 5 kg to 7 kg.


On heavy coats and clothes that are not washed frequently, put sachets of camphor stones in your pockets. Next, cover the hanger with a large garbage bag by drilling a small hole to overlap the hanger hook and leave for 24-48 hours. The longer, the better. Then remove the bags and let the garment air for another 24 hours before putting it back in the cabinet.

Sofas and armchairs

On sofas and fabric armchairs, wipe a white cotton cloth soaked in white apple cider vinegar and allow to dry. Then let the environment get plenty of ventilation.


Spread baking soda powder and leave overnight. Aspire the next day;


Wipe a cloth with a mixture of water and white apple vinegar in equal parts and let dry. The environment should be well ventilated afterward.


Spread pots with vinegar or roasted coffee beans on top of furniture, such as high shelves and shelves. Light anti-smoking candles and place cat litter in ashtrays. This does not let the cigarette smell settle into the environment.

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