How to Install a Clothesline

If you have a space on the balcony or on your terrace where you can enjoy the sun all day, perhaps a good idea is to install a small clothesline to dry your clothes without having to resort to the dryer. Let’s see below, a guide of steps in which we explain how to install a clothesline easily.

Hanging the cables or ropes that make up the clothesline is a simple task that does not require major complications. In the same way, this step guide will also help you in case you already have a clothesline installed, but you have decided to change the ropes for new ones. You will see how in a short time you can dedicate yourself to household chores and hanging clothes safely.


  • Clothesline cable (usually steel cables);
  • Clothesline clamps;
  • Pulley and wire tensioner

Steps to install a clothesline

How to Install a Clothesline
How to Install a Clothesline
  1. First, to place the cables from our clothes dryer, you are on the railing of the balcony or wall, you must install the arms of iron provided with holes, which must be attached to insert one or more strings according to the needs.
  2. Make sure that the two arms or supports that you are going to place are at the same height and well-aligned, so it will be good if you use a level.
  3. To place or change the cable, you have to insert it into the hole of an iron bracket, wrap it around it and fix it with the appropriate clamp for the clothesline.
  4. Unfold the cable to the other arm, insert it into the hole, taking care to pull until it is well stretched and, again, wrap it around itself and fix it with another clamp.
  5. Now you must do the same with the rest of the cable, whether you use one for the entire clothesline, which you must go through each hole to complete these, or you cut the cable and install them one by one.
  6. On the other hand, and if you want a practical idea for your clothesline, you can resort to the use of a pulley. Thus, when you put the ropes to hang clothes or replace old ones, you can also include the insertion of a pulley. This way, instead of coming and going along the balcony to hang bedding and clothes, you can sit still and run cables to do household chores without too much effort.
  7. Finally, note that in the market you will also find clothesline tensioners that installed at one end of the cable will allow you to have this well aligned so that the clothes will always be well hung.

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