How to Make a Sofa Cover: Patterns and Fabrics

Like all the furniture in our home, the sofas deteriorate with use, no matter how much care and care we put into the furniture of our house. The covers are ideal for protecting them, especially if we live with children or with animals. They can be washed and put back on, so our sofa will last in perfect condition much longer. In this post, we show you how to make an easy and cheap sofa cover, and one of its main advantages is that you can customize it to your liking. So get to work!

How to make a sofa cover step by step

The cost of reupholstering a sofa, if the case arises, is considerably higher than the possibility of making an easy sofa cover with your own resources. In sales, we can get a considerable saving of our budget and buy some cover.

How to Make a Sofa Cover: Patterns and Fabrics
How to Make a Sofa Cover: Patterns and Fabrics

Another option is to buy a universal cover that is valid for any sofa, and a third option is to make it ourselves. It is worth trying if we are in need because it will always be much prettier and more personal than a purchased case. To make a sofa cover, we will have to follow the following steps:

  • We take the measurements for the sofa cover well. The measurements will have the following components: width and height of the backrest, the width of the cushions, height, length, width of the armrests, and a total height of the sofa, from the highest to the floor, always leaving a few centimeters more.
  • To make the pattern, once we have the measurements. First, we will cut the pieces separately from the measures we have taken, and we will perform the tests to see how they fit. The pieces will be cut as follows: a centerpiece, two pieces for the armrest, and two pieces for the front of the sofa. We must leave enough fabric in each piece to be able to sew the hem and in the areas of buttonholes and buttons (about three centimeters)
  • Once the pieces have been cut, we will make the hems on each one separately (if we know how to use a sewing machine for this task, it will be faster and easier). Then, we will join all the pieces by sewing them, making the eyelet and button folds in each area where we will need them. We already have our case.
  • Now we can place it on the sofa, accommodating all the parts and leaving the cover tight and without fold. We can close with buttons (if we have made eyelets), add velcro to close, or do it with ties. This last option is perfect and gives a cozy touch to the case.

How to make a sofa cover for chaise longue

If it is difficult to find a cover to cover a chaise longue sofa that you like, you can also create a custom one. To make a sofa cover for chaise longue that is economical, you can choose a fabric in bulk, or we can also make bedspreads and sheets that we do not use. We follow the following instructions:

  • We measure the length and width of each side of the chaise longue sofa to know what the dimensions of the cover will be.
  • We mark the cuts that we are going to make with needles and thread.
  • We cut the remaining fabric (leaving a few centimeters to sew the hem) and sew the cuts that we have woven, then sewing the hem.
  • We join all the sides and patterns of the side areas, first with the help of pins, and then by machine sewing the patterns.
  • We adjust the cover to our chaise longue sofa without leaving folds and leaving it tight.

Some interesting ideas for sofa covers

If you have not done it before and you do not dare to do this work of sewing, cutting, and measuring patterns, or if it has gone wrong the first time and you do not want to try it, there are other options to protect and cover your sofa, which does not They need cutting and sewing instructions. They can also look great without taking a sewing machine.

Choose the idea for a sofa cover that you like or what best suits what you have at home. The sofa covers can be made of many materials; you just have to look for the texture that you like, although the most comfortable is usually cotton because its cleaning is easy, do not shrink if we put the piece in the washing machine at the temperature that Indicates the manufacturer, they fit well and do not wrinkle. Although there are many other valid fabrics, a sofa cover can be perfect, and the sofa is protected. In addition, by selecting fabrics in bulk, we can choose a color, or if we prefer, a plain or patterned fabric. There are ideas for fun, helpful sofa covers and surely for all tastes.

We have clothes or materials at home and that we are not using, and maybe we can give them a second chance and recycle them. We can also place cushions of various shapes and colors in strategic places that perfectly cover the sofa and look great, giving the furniture a casual air. Use sheets that we no longer use; blankets cover sofas, patchwork bedspreads, smooth, fringed … as we like. We can even use a curtain that we no longer use, and we can give a more than original touch to our sofa, which will also be well protected.

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