How to Remodel a Bathroom – 7 Simple Tips

How to Remodel a Bathroom – The bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that we use and visit daily, becoming a space of frequent use for long baths or quick visits when we are in a hurry. Like any room in the house, the bathroom is also affected by the passage of time, both functionally and aesthetically, passing their style of fashion or suffering deterioration by constant use.

How to Remodel a Bathroom - 7 Simple Tips
How to Remodel a Bathroom

We know that today the costs of remodeling are extremely high, making it an odyssey to achieve a good design without going bankrupt to achieve it. However, there are tricks and ways to make a space completely change your presentation and style without having to throw the house out the window. Either to brighten your day with a new style or to surprise your guests with a fully renovated bathroom, these 6 tips will help you change the face of your bathroom without much effort (how magically!)

Pictures on mirrors!

Knowing how to use pieces in decoration is a triumph. When we encounter small environments, this is a necessity that makes all the difference in the environment. The options can be of different styles and should follow the options that are already present in the environment. More lively or muted colors can give complimentary styles to the decoration of the space.

White on white

For lovers of the minimalist, monochromatic and light colors, decorating the bathroom using a single color is an excellent option, especially if it is white. This color, an eternal classic, is perfect to create the sense of spaciousness of any space, in addition to helping to multiply the light thanks to its clear and bright surface. From the sanitary pieces to the accessories and the color of the walls, use the white color to cover every possible detail inside the bathroom, in this way you will obtain an elegant and modern result.

A Touch of tiles

The typical boring and monotonous bathroom can be turned into a modern (and even psychedelic) design with the correct use of tiles. If your goal is to create a focal point within the space without having to knock down the four walls of the bathroom, you can choose to cover a certain section, be it the entire shower area, the wall of the mirror or the back wall, with tiles of bright colors and bright textures. In this image we see how the designers of Porto Arquitectura used a tile mosaic in a magenta tone to visually separate the shower area, keeping the classic style in the rest of the room.

Uses brightly colored accessories

Color is one of the most effective ways to create visual impact and change the style of a room without spending a lot of money. To refresh the style of your bathroom, create a palette of striking colors and use it for all accessories, from towels to soap dishes, ornaments, and shelves. If you do not have shelves or shelves, this is the ideal time to add storage space and color to your design. There are no limits when playing with color, depending on your character and personality, you can combine all you want or simply choose the monochromatic theme.

Mirror, mirror, Who is the prettiest?

Forget about traditional furniture that includes the typical rectangular mirror, it is a repeated design with little personality that you can find in the vast majority of homes. So as not to generate many expenses when giving a new look to your bathroom, we suggest you create a collage type design with different mirrors, regardless of their shape or size, creating a diverse and entertaining composition that besides being functional, will be an element very interesting decorative. Like the design developed by Plastudio, painting the frames of each mirror in gold or silver will make them look more expensive and elegant than they really are.

Say yes to the vintage style!

It is very common that in most homes with several years old we find sanitary pieces from the time of our grandmother, items that can be used in our favor when remodeling or renovating the bathroom. The attraction of vintage sanitary ware is its unique and classic character, being difficult to find similar models in fashion stores. If your bathroom has this type of furniture, take advantage of it by restoring it and painting it with unusual colors to combine the modern with the classic, resulting in a super original and different bathroom.

Cover the floor with a new material

The new trends in coatings have made changing the floor of any space become a piece of cake, using technologies such as vinyl flooring, laminates, and tiles easy to install on existing floors, saving you all the headache of breaking and removing debris. Fortunately, most bathrooms are small, which means less footage when remodeling the floor, allowing you to choose luxury coatings without having to spend a fortune. A perfect example, vintage and at the same time very current, are the hydraulic tiles. Its designs, colors, and patterns make any space become a chic and modern room.

The bathroom is perfect for playing and creating new combinations and styles thanks to its reduced dimensions, making it a perfect space to play with creativity and change your look in a 2×3.

Can you think of any other idea to change the face of your bathroom? Tell us more below!

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