How to Select the Dining Room Set

As a well-known encyclopedia defines us, the dining room is that space or place in a house or building specially equipped for eating and tasting food and dishes prepared in the kitchen. It usually has a table and chairs for such purposes. In small houses, the kitchen-dining room or the living-dining room is usually found to save space.

How to Select the Dining Room Set

We could say then that its only purpose, or at least the main one, is to house the house members in their meals or meetings.
Therefore, we must now ask ourselves how to choose the most suitable dining room for our home …

In a living-dining room or kitchen-dining room, you can find chairs, stools, folding or solid tables, stools, etc .; the number of them will depend on the space available. Therefore, it is then that the selection of the dining room furniture is vital to be able not only to use them properly taking advantage of their functionality but also provide comfort, making the most of each square meter of the area in which they have been placed.
When selecting furniture, some important tips should be taken into account. According to specialists, an example of this is that you should always consider leaving a minimum space between the table and the rest of the furniture or the wall. That suggested minimum space is 70 cm. In addition, another space that must be kept in mind is that of each diner. Each of them must have a suggested minimum space of 60 cm.

How to Select the Dining Room Set

When it comes to a kitchen-dining room, some decorators suggest separating the two environments using sheltered furniture.

Some of them are low furniture or the armchairs of two bodies. Also, in the case of a studio apartment or small house, another suggestion is to integrate the living room with the dining room if you notice a lot of space, using coverings to make the divisions or by changing the colors or the floor by the environment.

Of the different dining room sets, the most requested in general have an elongated table and those that have the table that can be taped to the wall to save space in houses with reduced environments.

On the other hand, if the dining room is the busiest and most used environment in the house, a hall can be built. To do this, place a low cabinet on the walls near the entrance, a coat rack, and an umbrella stand or wardrobe for coats.

How to Select the Dining Room Set

When the available space is rectangular, you should ideally choose a game with a table to match it. The same criteria must be followed if the area is square. You should always follow the same dimensions and shapes. According to renowned decorators, this principle is fundamental when selecting dining room furniture and the different decoration styles.

When you are going to locate the table, you should know the size of the dining room, if it is large, you will put a long table for eight people; but if the place is small, you should choose a round table for four or the classic square table, placing it in a corner.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying your furniture is that today there are stores that sell dining sets by pieces. This will allow you to combine different styles and buy the right amount of furniture for your space.

Within this category, the most popular is contemporary dining sets. They present various attractive and functional options; Most pieces are made from select hardwoods or polished stainless steel to achieve specific styles.

Today, most of the dining room sets and furniture that are made are intended for small places. This is a trend that is happening more and more since individuals who choose to live in apartments need to make the most available space. Precisely, this idea of ​​functionality and economy of space has been setting trends for some years in designing and manufacturing this furniture. We should never look for turned, heavy wood and expensive chairs which cannot get used to our rhythm of life or our pocket.

How to Select the Dining Room Set

The chairs are still wooden, but there are also metal, wicker, or natural fibers. Some models include armrests. Most of them have short and simple backs.

If the idea is to have an ultra-modern and futuristic dining room, metal furniture is the best option. Instead, you are trying to achieve a cozy and simple place. Wood or wicker is ideal and becomes much more aesthetic when combined with home fabric cushions.

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