How to Set Up Studio Apartment

In large cities, it is increasingly common to launch Studios, or studio apartments, which have, on average, up to 45 m². They are apartments without walls, except for the bathroom, setting up an open space full of possibilities.

It is a highly demanded model by students, singles, and young couples, which provides versatility in composition. But all this “freedom” can generate doubts, so let’s give some tips for you to decorate your Studio, leaving it functional and with a sense of amplitude.

How to Set Up Studio Apartment
How to Set Up Studio Apartment

It is important to remember that, probably, you will need to subdivide the apartments into spaces for cooking, eating, receive, watch TV, and sleep. So, every corner has to be well spent.


Choose neutral tones in the floor, walls, and furniture, leave for using color in objects such as vases, pillows, and paintings. If the walls are dark, it will give the impression that the apartment is smaller. An option to give a sensation of amplitude is using the same flooring throughout the apartment.


Whereas it is necessary to take advantage of each space, divide the few square meters of a studio with walls may not be the best solution, the suggestion is that partitions can have more than one function.

A leaked that ‘ divides ‘ space but allows lighting and ventilation can be a good option. With this type of partition is possible to create private areas and still enjoy TV, shelves, and niches.


When we need to take advantage of spaces, a wonderful choice is planned or Furniture joinery, which can have multiple functions or be retractable. The bench of feeds can open and turn a table for entertaining. Sliding doors on closet space savers and mirrored to help give a sensation of amplitude. Ottomans who saw side tables to support glasses and objects are quite versatile in time to receive.


In studios of reduced dimensions, the best option is to lease the bed against the wall to be used as a sofa when visitors, saving a lot of space. In addition, it is important to take advantage of the space under the bed with drawers or niches.


They are perfect for giving the sensation of amplitude in the spaces and increasing brightness, but it is necessary to plan where they will be installed. Wouldn’t it be nice to reflect the door of a bathroom, for example?


You can use rugs to delimit spaces and create environments; they are great for framing, then in the area destined to the living room, for example, may put a rug that stays below all the furniture that compose it.


Since we don’t have much room available on the ground, which will already be occupied by furniture base, like bed, sofa, table, and cabinets, a good suggestion is to take advantage of the walls, the aerial part. Install shelves or niches, which will give more storage space, without regret as a closed cabinet.

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