7 Space-Saving Tips for Small Apartments

The difference is in having a strategic look and thinking about practicality. This is because an organized house is synonymous with elegance and has unique touches of style, according to the personality of the residents.

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7 Space-Saving Tips for Small Apartments

7 Space-Saving Tips for Small Apartments

1. Bet on multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture is an excellent alternative to make good use of small apartment space. This is because they deliver a series of possibilities and are cost-effective. Think of all the rooms in order to make them more aligned with your expectations, focusing on functionality above all.

For example, the kitchen is usually the space that most benefits from multi-purpose furniture. The less is more and everything needs to be organized in its place. The mess makes it difficult to prepare meals and makes the environment visually smaller. In this way, prioritize folding tables, countertops that can serve as built-in cabinets and drawers.

Also use compact shelves, in order to organize spices, accessories, and small things that tend to be more complicated to find inside cabinets. In the bedrooms, a very interesting proposal involves adopting a chest bed. It allows more comfort because it is a kind of adapted closet.

2. Use light colors

The clear chlorines are great allies in the decoration of small spaces. White, beige, pearl, vanilla, and gray are great examples when the proposal involves bringing a touch of elegance with the personality needed to create a harmonious image. In addition to amplitude, neutral colors promote a sense of comfort and warmth in the right measure.

Not to mention that the palette of white tones is a way to relieve the sensation of heat in the hottest days, as it brings the perception of an airy place. The clear surfaces still have the function of distributing the lighting of the environments in a balanced way.

3. Enjoy every corner

When it comes to a small apartment, the most important thing is not to underestimate any corner. Everything can be used in a special way. The big secret, in a situation like this, is to seek strategic elements. For the circulation space to become larger, the decoration proposal can happen on the walls.

That’s right! A very creative tip is to bet on frames, niches, and compact shelves that can distribute vases, books, and other items that fit with the set. Look for an alternative that helps to enhance each space and leave everything according to the preferences of the residents. So, it’s worth including movie posters to important photos with loved ones.

4. Place mirrors in the environments

The mirrors make all the difference in the use of space. In general, elements such as transparent partitions are fundamental in the feeling of spaciousness and elegance. However, the most efficient of the strategies is to place mirrors well-positioned in rooms that need to appear wider.

In the bedrooms, the ideal proposal is to invest in mirrored cabinets that are finished in light colors. Thus, in addition to having a versatile environment, you create an elegant composition, without leaving essential comfort aside. Just be careful that the mirror does not generate reflections near the bed and end up compromising the quality of sleep.

5. Invest in planned furniture

Within the same context of multipurpose furniture, the planned ones are great for enjoying each corner in a functional and tasteful way. When every detail of small apartment furniture is planned, the environment is very well organized and optimized.

Another point is the possibility to choose the finish, the format, and meet the specific needs of each person. For example, if you have a lot of clothes, opt for a closet that extends over the wall of the room and passes through the headboard without disturbing the traffic inside the room.

It is also worth highlighting the importance of carefully choosing the professionals who will perform the service so that everything happens the way you always dreamed of. The appropriately sized modules are designed to take advantage of each small space strategically. In other words, a piece of wall that seems useless at the end of the corridor can receive a custom cabinet to store dishes or something that is quite used.

6. Prefer continuous floors

The color of the floors is fundamental to give the feeling of spaciousness and still make everything much more elegant. This harmony between the materials of the floor and the walls leaves the rooms integrated.

So, choose the same tone and type of floor for all spaces. If it is not possible, the best thing is for the colors to remain similar so as not to break the visual pattern that makes all the difference, even in the atmosphere and comfort of the environment.

7. Have a good lighting design

Lighting needs to be carefully thought out when it comes to making the most of space. Here, a detailed study is worthwhile because the intensity and colors of light, when worked well, can make a more comfortable environment.

For example, the light in the room should be warmer so that the moment of sleep is not impaired. Now, for those who are in doubt about how to decorate a small apartment room, it is worth keeping as much natural light to generate amplitude. The ideal is to bet on built-in lamps, which prevent the plaster lining from stealing the scene.

Ready! Now you know how to invest in the use of space. The most important thing, in a situation like this, is to make detailed planning in advance so that everything happens as expected. Only then will it be possible to have the decoration of dreams, in addition to maintaining a comfortable environment and everything extremely organized to facilitate daily tasks.

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